About the Software Evaluation Blog

The Software Evaluation Blog is brought to you by SoftResources LLC (www.softresources.com) and is designed to be a resource for information, news, and analysis about business software (ERP, CRM, HR/PR, Financials, Projects, etc.) and the software selection process.

Since founding SoftResources in 1995, we have conducted over 675 software evaluation and selection projects with companies both large and small. This blog will allow you to gain software vendor insight as we share our experience and vendor knowledge to help you through the software evaluation process.

If you have questions, or would like more information regarding certain software vendors, email us at info@softwareevaluationblog.com. If you would like more information regarding software selection and how SoftResources can help you with a software selection project at your organization, check out SoftResources web site at www.softresources.com. The SoftResources website has a wealth of free information regarding how to take your software selection project step by step through the process and negotiate contracts with software vendors.